Focus T25 Workout Program

The Focus T25 Workout is a full body exercise program that incorporates different training for different body parts. It is a high intensity workout program that utilizes Focus Interval Training system (F.I.T); you will focus on a particularly group of muscles until exhaustion, shifting from one exercise to another before moving to the next muscle group. The intensity of this exercise is coupled with precisely chosen workouts for the entire body that help you to lose weight, get ripped and promise extraordinary health benefits without the fatigue associated with other workout routines. The best part of Focus T25 workout program is the workouts are only 25 minutes long.

T25 Workout

This awesome program is divided into three phases; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma so as to give you a reference point and remain motivated as you move through the workout.

Alpha Phase:

It is the foundation that prepares your body for intense workouts. It is 5 week long phase that consists of the following exercises: Cardio for melting fat, Speed 1.0 for boosting calorie burn, Total Body Circuit for sculpting your entire body, Lower Focus to lean up legs and Abs Intervals for chiseling abs.


Beta Phase:

The second phase of the T25 workout focuses on the body’s core movements and strength. It consists of: Core Cardio for kicking your progress a notch higher, Speed 2.0 to burn more calories, Rip’t Circuit for a whole body shred fest, Upper Focus to carve the shoulders, arms, back and chest, and Dynamic Core for shaping up and defining those muscles in your midsection.


Gamma Phase:

This optional phase can be done in 28 days after you’ve completed the first and the second phase of the Focus T25 Workout Program. It consist advance Rip’t Up (for an enhanced upper body cardio), Pyramid (to total workout your body), Extreme Circuit (for upper body focus), and Speed 3.0 (for an extreme burn of calorie). All of the workouts in this session is for shaping up your muscles through resistance training.


Focus T25 Workout Program Nutrition Guide:

First you need to identify which of the two calorie intake groups you fall under. You are either in the 1200 or 1600 calories per day categories. Once you are sure of the category you fall under, there is an outlined plan on how you will break down your calorie consumption throughout the day. Although the calories may seem little, the recipes and T25 meal plan are designed to keep you full and energetic throughout the day.


Target Audience:

Focus T25 Workout Program is for anybody who wants to feel good or gain general body fitness, but without incurring much expense or investments of their valuable time. Men and Women with busy life styles will find this 20-30 minute investment workout program an easier prospect than other workout regimens. It can work for any fitness level; be it a beginner, an intermediate or advanced. Each workout has a modifier who is their to help those who may find some of the exercises a little difficult or their fitness levels may not be able to handle them at the moment so the modifier exercises are a lower intensity workout program.


Where To Get It:

Focus T25 Workout Program does not require any equipment, making it great for individuals on the go. It is available from various online stores, websites and fitness trainers. You can purchase the program as a base kit (foundation), challenge Kit or Gamma pack. Depending on the package, the workout includes nutrition guides, workout calendar and resistance bands among others.



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