Importance of exercise in our busy lives

importance of exercise

Proper workout is important to keep your body fit and healthy. If you do not do enough physical exercise then your body will become weak and flabby and this will eventually affect your organ function. Proper workout program will not just help you stay fit but it also prevents your body from certain diseases. Here are some benefits of proper workout program:

1. Workout helps in burning calories which is very important to control body fat. If your body lacks exercise then fat will accumulate and your weight will increase which can later lead to obesity and also diabetes.

2. Workout improves flexibility of your body. If you do not exercise then your bones and joints will become stiff and you will have problem in bending and twisting. Workout contracts and stretches muscle which helps in keeping it loose.

3. When you workout, your heart starts working faster than normal. This helps in enhancing its stamina. Workout also controls aging. When your body lacks physical activity, it tends to become flabby and lazy which will also make you feel old and tired. Proper routine workouts will make you feel cheerful and energetic.

4. A good workout program also improves the style of living. Regular workout will relieve you from stress which is significant for good sleep. If you sleep well your mood will be good which will affect your daily schedule as well. Proper sleep and moods will surely increase your work potential.

Knowing the importance of exercise in our busy daily lives, T25 workout program is for people who are busy and do not have time to go to gym or spend 1 hour working out. The program comes in a form of kit with 11 DVDs, a Meal Plan booklet and a guide which will help you start with the exercises.

You just cannot maintain your body fitness by just exercising. Proper nutrition is also as necessary as exercise. The nutrition plan in the program is designed keeping in mind all the nutrients necessary to keep body fit and healthy. The set of exercises in the program includes some stretch exercise, pro-grade resistance bands for workout and core speed exercise.

The T25 workout needs to be done for 5-6 days in a row. If you decide to do it for five days then the first day you need to do the workout twice which will help you compensate for the last day. But, if you do it for all the six days, then just do it once. Make sure that you take out 25 minutes of time from your work schedule for the program on regular basis, you will see dramatic changes if you see it through.

You can also modify the exercise, depending on your body fitness levels by following the modifier in the instructional DVDs.

The program is unique and it has exercises to target all the muscle group of your body starting from core, back, lower Abs, triceps, biceps, glutes, and quads. The level of training is divided into two phase. The first part is called the alpha phase which lasts for five weeks and then the next half is the beta phase where the speed and level of workout will increase and really test you. The program is 10 weeks in total. In the first 5 weeks of the Alpha cycle you will see real T25 Results from your efforts.

So for most of us, 10 weeks to transform your body, get healthy and feel good about yourself, is 10 weeks of sacrifice that will change your life for ever !!!

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